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    1. "Kompānija Avotiņi", Ltd., construction material production and sale

      Building materials, sale

      Rustenu 1, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 67138381

      Leading building materials manufacturer: "Avotiņi Company" has become the official dealer of several Baltic and world leading manufacturers of construction materials.
    2. "RIGAS BUVSERVISS", Ltd., Building material internet shop

      Building materials, sale construction materials

      Berzaunes 12, Riga, LV-1039


      Goods and deals: ✓ Building materials ✓ Plumbing ✓ Heating ✓ Screws, fasteners, etc. metal products ✓ Garden and house ✓ Electric materials ✓ Ventilation ✓ Tools and instruments ✓ Linoleum, Parquet Our advantages: ✓ A wide range of products for construction, renovation and garden works ✓ Material calculator ✓ Fast delivery ✓ Knowledgeable and responsive team of employees ✓ Orders are taken in whole territory of Latvia and EU countries ✓ Customer loyalty benefits
    3. "Force Fix", Ltd.

      Building materials, sale

      Ciekurkalna 2.linija 75, Riga, LV-1026


      Screws, bolt-screws, washers, nuts, threaded rods, rivets, nails, roof screws, stainless steel screws, hot-dip galvanized fasteners, gypsum board screws and screws for wood, dowels, dowel nails and anchors, chemical anchors, construction forgings, angles, hole plates and strips. Cables, chains, shackles and carbines. .. offers a wide
    4. ART BŪVES, SIA Building Materials Trading Store

      construction materials

      Katlakalna 11 k.1, Riga, LV-1073


      Finishing materials:: ✓ Floor coverings ✓ Paints, varnishes, lasers ✓ Tiles ✓ Wallpapers ✓ Ceiling ✓ Door ✓ Log in Building materials:: ✓ Building Materials ✓ Tools ✓ Plumbing ✓ Electric Materials ✓ Ventilation ✓ Timber ✓ Heating
    5. "A & U", Ltd., "Tehnomix", shop

      construction materials

      Bitenu 4, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles n., LV-5101


      Building Materials. Electric wiring, wiring. Garden machinery, inventory for home. Water supply. Heating systems. Heat supply. Screws - construction approvals. Sale of building materials, building materials in Aizkraukle, sale of power tools, electrical tools in Aizkraukle, heating boilers, boiler installation, boilers, roofing, plumbing, plumbing sale, plumbing equipment in Aizkraukle, plumbing fittings, tools rental.
    6. "Buvserviss Roja", Ltd., Shop

      construction materials

      Roja, Bangu 2, Rojas n., LV-3264


      Building materials, building material trade, plumbing, household appliances in Talsi, Roja, Kurzeme.
    7. "Latroof Ltd", Ltd., Roof coatings

      construction materials

      Ganibu dambis 31, Riga, LV-1005


      Our offered works:: ✓ soft roofing assembly ✓ Rolled roofing assembly ✓ metal tile assembly ✓ installation of roof decoration (connection) elements, ✓ assembling of wings ✓ installation of all types of latches, ✓ waterproofing installation, ✓ water drainage installation ✓ installation of the eaves' overhangs, ✓ flat roofing and other types of roofer work.
    8. "Iļģuciems ", SIA building materials wholesale and retail

      construction materials

      Katlakalna 11b, Riga, LV-1073


      Offer: ✓ Building materials ✓ Door ✓ Roof coverings ✓ Cast iron products Shipping:: ✓ cargo vans (goods weight up to 1.2t) ✓ trucks with manipulator (goods up to 12t) ✓ trucks with manipulator (goods weight up to 22t) About the company: SIA "Iļģuciems" is a company founded in 1991 that supplies building materials from Belarus, Russia and Europe to the best building materials producers throughout Latvia.
    9. "ELTETE Riga", Ltd.

      construction materials

      Ganibu dambis 7a, Riga, LV-1045


      Products:: ✓ finishing materials - wholesale ✓ construction materials, building construction wholesale ✓ plumbing wholesale ✓ shower cabin assembly ✓ geotextile, construction film, etc. about the company: SIA "Eltete Rīga" was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Eltete Group. "Eltete Riga" is a stable company that deals with the installation of shower enclosures and partitions. The company provides its services to customers throughout Latvia.
    10. "LeBens", Ltd., roofing production and trade

      construction materials

      Rankas 10, Riga, LV-1005


      Service: Flexible discount system and individual approach to each client allow you to effectively select the necessary materials at affordable prices and ensure their delivery in the shortest possible time. Trade: If you decided to build a new house, do repairs, or insulate the house? Welcome to our office: at Rankas Street 10, Riga. Our managers will help you to select the necessary materials, calculate the consumption taking into account all the circumstances and the location of the object. You will find the necessary items in our warehouse next to the office. The materials you need will be placed in your car rack faster than you complete the payment process.
    11. "Resurss Plus", Construction material store

      construction materials

      Jelgavas 11, Preili, Preilu n., LV-5301


      Household goods Construction materials Finishing materials and building materials : Doors, suspended ceilings, PVC and MDF panels, wooden and plastic moldings, metal thresholds, plasterboard, OSB, pressed paper, imitation leather, linoleum, laminate, tiles, wallpaper, adhesive films, films, sieves, sealing rubbers, porolone.
    12. "SKS Baltija", Ltd., Finishing materials

      construction materials

      Rumbula, Granita 26, Stopinu n., LV-1057


      Adhesives, Heat insulation materials, Construction materials, Finishing materials, Plaster, Mosaic plaster
    13. "Jurmalas nams", Ltd.

      construction materials

      Jurkalnes 7, Jurmala, LV-2011


      Building materials, heating technology, building materials, tools, garden equipment, household goods in Jurmala, building materials shop, plumbing, plumbing store.
    14. "Izopanel", Ltd.

      construction materials

      Gustava Zemgala gatve 78-6, Riga, LV-1039


      Sandwich panels Construction materials Heat insulation materials Sandwich panels, sandwich-type panels, roof panels, roof covering, hangars, sandwich panel sale, tin products, cooling panels, heat insulation, insulation panels, polyurethane panels, foam-polystyrene panels, sandwich panels, sandwich panels, sandwich type panels,
    15. "Bauren", SIA, building material production and trade

      construction materials

      Terbatas 5-5, Riga, LV-1050


      Services: ✓ For construction companies - qualitative building material delivery, all the necessary documentation ✓ For clients - architectural project and technical project development, construction works ✓ For architects - technical documentation, declarations, certificates, standard units, assembly technology supervision
    16. "Juhas", SIA, Glazer workshop in Bolderāja

      construction materials

      Lemesu 20, Riga, LV-1016


      "Juhas" SIA, Building materials store in Bolderaja
    17. Ltd. "Laja", "Buvniekiem un lauksaimniekiem", shop

      construction materials

      Rupniecibas 49a, Madona, Madonas n., LV-4801


      Construction materials Household goods Agricultural machinery in Madona. New and used farm equipment sale; Agricultural machinery and tractor spare parts in Madona. Soil processing.. repair shops. Concrete mixers, (concrete mixers) Household goods trade. In Madona. Work clothes. Sale of building materials in Madona. Agricultural
    18. "Saint-Gobain Celtniecibas produkti", Ltd.

      construction materials

      Daugavgrivas 83, Riga, LV-1007

      +371 67323803

      Construction materials, Heat insulation materials, ISOVER GYPROC, WEBER FIBO BLOKI, Sale of construction materials, Building material building structure trade
    19. "Rasa L", Ltd.

      construction materials

      Latgales 135, Ludza, Ludzas n., LV-5701


      Furniture in Ludza Building materials Ludza Construction materials Construction material and building structure trade. Sale of construction materials . Furniture manufacturing. Furniture trade.. . Construction materials . Aerated concrete blocks. Finishing materials : trade. Screws, sockets, blinds. Construction concrete, cement,
    20. "Kamil Pluss", SIA, Building materials and fittings shop in Varakļāni

      construction materials

      Daugavpils 2, Varaklani, Varaklanu n., LV-4838


      Everything you need for a house, garden and building is in our store! Welcome!
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    Relevant companies from Kaliningrad
    1. ГРАН-МАР

      236001, Калининград, Московский проспект, 244

    2. АВАН ПРОМ, центр бескаркасного строительства

      236029, Калининград, Гаражная ул., 2, оф. 305


      236006, Калининград, Кирпичная ул., 7, оф. 11, 12

    4. СОФФИТО, подвесные алюминиевые потолки

      236022, Калининград, Генерал-лейтенанта Озерова ул., 17Б, оф. 903, эт. 9, ТЦ "Мега-Центр"

    5. СТЕКЛЯШКА, мастерская стёкол и зеркал

      236022, Калининград, Советский проспект, 50, корп. 4 (за багетной мастерской)

    6. RENOVATIO, изделия из камня

      236039, Калининград, Октябрьская ул., 4, оф. 208


      236008, Калининград, Александра Невского ул., 102


      236000, Калининград, Нарвская ул., 56

    9. АЛЬЯНС, группа компаний

      236023, Калининград, Третьяковская ул., 4

    10. АЛЬЯНС ООО

      236023, Калининград, Третьяковская ул., 4

    11. БЕТОН39, производство и поставка бетона

      236039, Калининград, Железнодорожная ул., 12

    12. ВИПЛАСТ, комплектующие к окнам

      236006, Калининград, Московский проспект, 184


      238210, Гвардейск, Школьный пер., 2В

    14. ГАУДИ, салон керамической плитки и мебели для ванных комнат

      236034, Калининград, Дзержинского ул., 1


      236000, Калининград, 1812 года ул., 126, оф. 15

    16. КАФЕЛЬ КЛАССИК, салон плитки

      236008, Калининград, Тельмана ул., 87

    17. КЛИНКЕР

      236008, Калининград, Тельмана ул., 20


      236009, Калининград, Туруханская ул., 1


      236036, Калининград, Советский проспект, 159

    20. ЛЕСТА, торговая компания

      236000, Калининград, Емельянова ул., 234Г

    21. МАСТЕР, магазин

      236005, Калининград, Судостроительная ул., 4